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Submit a Proposal

Deadline: August 28, 5:00 pm EST

Proposal Requirements:

Your proposal should be submitted as a pdf.  It does need to include key elements identified below.  The more information provided helps us better understand how you plan to address the Challenge you’re interested in.  You don’t have to have your approach totally locked down by the time you submit this proposal (8/28). Phase 2 finalists will have 8 weeks to refine their approach and have it ready to test after the Forward Pitch on 10/29. 

Key Elements of a Proposal

  • Company/Team Overview (purpose, solution/product set, revenue (if any), # associates, leadership, etc.)

  • Contact info (name, title, phone, email)

  • Challenge you are proposing on

  • Your approach overview

  • A more detailed explanation of how your approach tackles the problem

  • How you will measure solving the problem

  • Estimated time in beta (after the 10/29 Forward Pitch) you think you’ll need to demonstrate the capability of your solution

  • Any important assumptions

  • Confirmation that your solution will be ready to go into beta test with Navicent Health in January 2021

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Thanks for submitting your proposal!

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